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Wesley Financial Group has used the steps in this masterclass to free over 40,000 families from their timeshare once and for all.

“Wesley Financial was a lifesaver. They were excellent in every step of the process. I am now free of the timeshare that was draining my pocketbook. Thank you for everything!!!”

Anthi M., April 23, 2024

“…Although a frustrating journey, we were pleased that the various staff at WFG were able to find a successful path to timeshare freedom. We are indebted to WFG for the effort and guidance along the way.”

Wes C., April 29, 2024
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Virginia A.

Having owned a timeshare since the ’80s, Virginia began to see corrupt behaviors when company ownership changed. “I tried selling my timeshare, I tried giving it away, but finally I saw an ad for Wesley Financial Group and thought what have I got to lose. Oh my goodness, they’re amazing. If anyone’s looking to get out, Wesley is the way to go!”

Milton L.

As a veteran, Milton was very concerned with how he was tricked into purchasing a timeshare. After he reached out to Wesley Financial Group he was very grateful to receive top-notch service that resulted in his timeshare termination.

Diane B.

After her brother passed away, Diane was vulnerable and gave in to buying a timeshare. Luckily Diane reached out to Wesley Financial Group, where she found her timeshare to be a thing of the past in no time.

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