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Wesley gives you the information you need to make smarter financial decisions.

Unbiased Expert Advice 

At Wesley, we take pride in what we do. We offer unbiased advice to make it easier for you to get all the information you need to make the right financial decisions.

Our team of financial advisors doesn’t work on commission, which means that we won’t push a product or company if it’s not the right fit for our clients. You can rest easy knowing that we would never recommend you anything we wouldn’t recommend to a friend or family member. 

Editorial Process 

All our content is written and fact-checked by our in-house financial experts.  Our team relies on reputable sources to make our articles as comprehensive as possible. Our sources include, but are not limited to: 

  • Internal data - Wesley collaborates with some of the leading financial companies in the U.S. We’ve helped thousands of families make smart financial decisions. This enables us to gain an accurate understanding of what’s important to readers like you. Our team breaks down and interprets the data we gathered over the years to create authentic informative articles that can help you make smart financial decisions
  • Industry-specific studies - We use studies and data provided by expert groups operating in the industry, such as the Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA), the Insurance Information Institute (III), the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), and others. 
  • Government-backed data - We sometimes use data provided by government sources, such as the U.S. Census, the Bureau of Justice Statistics, and other state departments that are relevant to the insurance industry 
  • Third-party expertise - Our financial specialists may reach out to outside experts for additional information and clarification on certain topics. The experts we contact are individuals who are qualified to provide an independent, unbiased opinion on the topic. 

Fact Checking and Updating 

Our team periodically reviews and updates the content to make sure that it uses the latest data available. 

Sometimes, our team may remove outdated content and replace it with something new. 

Transparency & privacy

How Wesley makes money

Wesley is an independent insurance broker. We receive commissions from insurance companies when we sell policies, but we always provide our readers with accurate information and will never recommend a product for a commission. 


Wesley is an independent broker. We are not affiliated with any insurance company. Some of our articles may reference products or services from one or more of our partners. However, these products and services do not influence our editorial decisions and we only refer products that can help you achieve your goals. 


Wesley is a licensed insurance broker and is legally certified to provide financial advice and sell insurance.